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Retirement Plan Services

Your Company Isn’t Like any Other
Your Retirement Plan Shouldn’t Be Either

You run a business and it takes all of your time and energy. You know your retirement plan benefits you personally. And you want to offer a plan that will enable your employees to retire on time and with enough money to live comfortably. But what’s the right plan? How can it be handled to minimize your administrative burden? Who helps your employees make good decisions?

At Meridian, we’re prepared to help you craft a retirement plan that’s an outstanding employee benefit: Where you can maximize your retirement savings and attract and retain valuable people. We help make “retirement readiness” a reality for your employees. In the long run, your company will be stronger and your employees will enjoy a better retirement.

Your company isn’t like any other. Your retirement plan doesn’t have to be either. Our independence allows us to select features, vendor partners, and investment options that fit your philosophy.

As your plan advisor, we use a proven formula to make your perfect plan a reality:

Assess Your Plan

We evaluate your plan to identify ways to improve the design, increase administrative efficiency, make education more effective, and save cost.

Improve the Plan

We’ll align plan provisions with your company philosophy and implement features proven to promote retirement savings success.

Select Partners

Our vendor partner selection process determines the best fit for record keeping, administration, and plan document services.

Manage Fiduciary Responsibility

We employ a due diligence checklist that helps plan and document fiduciary control activities and responsibilities. We help manage risk by serving as a named plan Fiduciary.

Select Smart Investment Options

We’ll choose investment options that encourage smart choices for every age, enabling your employees to make wise investment decisions with any level of investment experience.

Educate Participants Effectively

In group meetings we’ll use understandable concepts and language to describe successful savings practices. We’ll conduct one-on-one sessions to tailor advice for employees at all life stages. Education is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

Provide Trustworthy Advice

We offer advice to your participants without conflict. Our compensation doesn’t depend on the investment strategy we recommend. Our advice is in the best interest of each person.

Disclose and Minimize Costs

Costs are reasonable, transparent and fully disclosed. Your annual plan review will include peer and vendor cost comparisons. Opportunities for savings will be identified and pursued.

Our Value to You

  • We’re your partner in meeting  the challenges of administering your plan.
  • We will understand your needs and those of your employees.
  • We have the resources to offer you the best plan no matter how big or complicated it becomes.
  • We will ensure you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.
  • We will offer the latest technology.
  • We will educate employees effectively on how to reach their financial goals for retirement.